Flight Training

A.C.E.S. provides training for many different requirements including: Sport License, Private Pilot Certificate, & Commercial.  We also offer advanced specialty courses and certification for: High Performance, Complex, Instrument Rating IFR, Certified Flight Instructor.  Call now 704.779.4856

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Let us help you get financing for your training. You may be eligible for various discounts and financial assistance. We work with multiple entities to provide many different options, so regardless of your situation a Flight Training Coordinator can work with you to find the best option to suit your circumstances.


We are a short drive from anywhere in the Charlotte Metro area. We are open every day with instructor availability 7 days a week. Speak with an A.C.E.S. Flight Training Coordinator to set up your access to our online scheduling.


Students have a choice of two types of aircraft: the Cessna 172 and the Piper Cherokee, both of which are known to be very reliable and student-friendly. If you already have an airplane to use, we can conduct a short safety inspection and provide your instruction in your own airplane. For more information and photos of our aircrafts, visit Aircraft Rental.

Here at A.C.E.S. we pride ourselves on being able to provide you the resources you need while also taking a specific interest in your progress. Here you are not just another renter or flying lesson for the day. Whether you are an experienced pilot working on advanced ratings or just beginning your journey in aviation, we will work with you directly to ensure that your needs are met. Let us help you design a plan to achieve your goals.